ency of competition, and capital and wealth are thereby permitted advantages over labor which they should not of right hav



e. The unlimited privilege of capital in these directions has been defended on the ground that it greatly accelerates your



material progress; that in private hands these enterprises can be more economically managed; and that the centralization of power in a



government would be dangerously increased by the proprietorship of such large undertakings. All of these allegations except the[Pg



image 1

202] first are without foundation in fact. The growing political weight, especially in your representative governments, of all monopoly combinations, by reason of their wealth an

  • e with it a reasonable portion of earnin
  • gs. The large sums of money and
  • the special privileges required in these ope
  • rations of supply, of which yo


image 2

d large individual patronage, presents to you the choice of either a government ruled by outside influences, which cannot be held responsible for the evils it inadvertently

inflicts by the irresistible pressure from without, or a government entirely and absolutely liable, and to be held to a strict accountability for all encroachments upon the common welfare whi

le handling these services of supply. In the latter case your remedy is an easy one; and may be readily applied; while in the former, nothing short of a political convulsion will serve you.

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